Compressed Air Technology Solves Problems In Multiple Applications

The Heavy Duty Dry Vac family

I received a phone call from an engineer at a coffee manufacturer about a better method to transfer their coffee beans before and after roasting, and after grinding.  The application was similar to processes I saw a few years ago during a customer visit with our Costa Rican distributor, so I was thankfully able to visualize the process fairly well and knew that our air operated conveyors (Line Vacs) could provide a solution.

The conveyance problem was what initially interested this customer in EXAIR products, though after further discussions, we also uncovered a need to vacuum spilled coffee grounds from the floor, sometimes in rather large quantities.

Customer: “It’s a shame you don’t sell these (Line Vacs) as complete vacuum systems.”

EXAIR: “Actually, we do.”

Customer: “Where is that on your site??  We have electric vacs and are BURNING them up!”

I directed the engineer to our Industrial Housekeeping Products, ultimately settling on the Heavy Duty Dry Vac for this application.  Initially, we explored using a Chip Vac, which would have worked well.  But, the customer wanted to vacuum any spilled material as quickly as possible, so the higher vacuum flow of the Heavy Duty Dry Vac proved to be an important feature.  The Heavy Duty Dry Vac also offers a static resistant hose, something else that the customer highly valued.

By solving one problem we were able to uncover another and offer a solution for it as well.  If you have a problem for which a fast, efficient, maintenance free vacuum system could offer a solution, contact an EXAIR Application Engineer.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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