30′ Long Super Air Knife

Earlier this month, I got a call on a Wednesday afternoon from a gentlemen at a sawmill in the Pacific Northwest. He indicated that they had a saw machine that was 30′ long, and it had a special scanner system to detect problems with the cutting which ran the full 30′ length.  In a sawing operation, there is sawdust and chips, and they can adhere to any surface including the scanner window.  When the debris would build up, the scanner system would give off false detection signals and cause issues with the operation.  We discussed the Super Air Knives as a way to blow off the scanner window, and be able to cover the entire 30′ length.  He asked for a quotation for a 30′ long Super Air Knife (and that doesn’t happen very often!)  And oh, by the way, delivery was needed on Friday (in 2 days!)

EXAIR manufactures Super Air Knives in lengths up to 108″.  To get to 30′, we looked at using (3) 108″ and (1) 36″ length.  Due to the length, the 108″ have to ship by freight truck, while all of the other lengths can ship via UPS or Fed Ex.  Since the customer was needing an overnight shipment, we had to take this into account.

We settled in on a system of (6) 54″ and (1) 36″ Super Air Knife. An added benefit to this arrangement was to allow the individual control of operation of the units, with each length blowing for a short duration, on down the line, until each had cycled.  This kept the instantaneous air consumption to a reasonable level, instead of 1 very large demand for cleaning the whole 30′ at once.  A quotation was sent out Thursday morning.

Coupling Bracket Kit – Used to Join (2) Super Air Knives

We received the order Thursday afternoon, shipped it later that day, and it delivered to the customer the next day on Friday. Installation occurred over the weekend.

The following Tuesday, I got an email – first to thank us for working so quickly from inquiry through to delivery for the 30′ of Air Knives, and then to ask to place another order for exactly the same set.  Turns out, there is a right edge scanner and a left edge scanner, and they were ready to do the other side.  We had a little extra time, and shipped out the full set a couple days later, and standard shipping still got to them before they were ready to install.

To discuss your application and how the EXAIR Air Knives can benefit your process, feel free to contact EXAIR and myself or one of our other Application Engineers can help you determine the best solution.

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