Video Blog: Which EXAIR Air Knife Is Right For You?

The following short video explains the differences between the 3 styles of Air Knives offered by EXAIR – The Super, Standard and Full-Flow. All of these Models are IN STOCK, ready to ship, with orders received by 3:00 PM Eastern.

If you need additional assistance choosing your EXAIR Air Knife, please contact an application engineer at 800-903-9247.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer



Super Air Knives Used as a Non-Contact Barrier in a Non-Woven Application

An overseas customer manufactures a 2.2 meter wide non-woven material.  In one of their processes, the media would travel through a spray booth to apply a water-based surfactant.  The surfactant was atomized and blown onto the top and bottom of the material.  The spray booth was equipped with a fume hood to capture any excess mist.  The material would then travel out of the spray booth and into the oven to dry.

Area between Spray Booth and Oven
Area between Spray Booth and Oven

Because they were running at a speed of 160 m/min, a draft was being created as the media was exiting the spray booth.  This draft was strong enough to overcome the vacuum pressure from the fume collection system.  This would allow the excess mist to escape the spray booth.  It was then collecting on the surface of the oven and floor outside the containment area.  This created a safety issue as well as a large mess.

In looking at the problem area, the dimension of the opening of the spray booth was 2.65 meters by 300 mm.  To blow a good curtain of air to contain the mist, we needed to have a laminar flow to create that “wall”.  I recommended two pieces of a model 1102108 Super Air Knife Kits.  At 108” (or 2.74m) long, they are the longest Super Air Knives in the market.  With a steady flow of air along the entire 2.74 meter length, it can generate that curtain of air across the entire opening of the spray booth.  The laminar flow was key as they did not want to disturb the spraying nozzles inside the booth.

The Super Air Knife Kit also comes with a filter, a regulator, and a shim set.  With the included shim set, the force can be changed dramatically by using a different thickness of shim.  Since they did not need much force to keep the mist inside the spray booth, they opted to put a thinner shim inside the Super Air Knife.  This would reduce the amount of compressed air needed, and with a regulator, the customer could “dial” in the correct amount of force to create the proper air barrier.  The Super Air Knives were mounted above and below the material to blow directly across the opening of the spray booth.  Any fine mist that would come in contact with the air would be deflected back into the spray booth.  With the extra mist removed from the process, the fume extraction system could then perform its duties the way it was intended. With air being used to create that barrier, it did not disrupt the structure of the material or the surfactant on its surface.

Super Air Knife
Super Air Knife

If you require a non-contact barrier for your application, EXAIR Super Air Knives could be your solution.  For this customer, we were able keep the work place safe and mess-free.

 John Ball
Application Engineer
Twitter: @EXAIR_jb

30′ Long Super Air Knife

Earlier this month, I got a call on a Wednesday afternoon from a gentlemen at a sawmill in the Pacific Northwest. He indicated that they had a saw machine that was 30′ long, and it had a special scanner system to detect problems with the cutting which ran the full 30′ length.  In a sawing operation, there is sawdust and chips, and they can adhere to any surface including the scanner window.  When the debris would build up, the scanner system would give off false detection signals and cause issues with the operation.  We discussed the Super Air Knives as a way to blow off the scanner window, and be able to cover the entire 30′ length.  He asked for a quotation for a 30′ long Super Air Knife (and that doesn’t happen very often!)  And oh, by the way, delivery was needed on Friday (in 2 days!)

EXAIR manufactures Super Air Knives in lengths up to 108″.  To get to 30′, we looked at using (3) 108″ and (1) 36″ length.  Due to the length, the 108″ have to ship by freight truck, while all of the other lengths can ship via UPS or Fed Ex.  Since the customer was needing an overnight shipment, we had to take this into account.

We settled in on a system of (6) 54″ and (1) 36″ Super Air Knife. An added benefit to this arrangement was to allow the individual control of operation of the units, with each length blowing for a short duration, on down the line, until each had cycled.  This kept the instantaneous air consumption to a reasonable level, instead of 1 very large demand for cleaning the whole 30′ at once.  A quotation was sent out Thursday morning.

Coupling Bracket Kit – Used to Join (2) Super Air Knives

We received the order Thursday afternoon, shipped it later that day, and it delivered to the customer the next day on Friday. Installation occurred over the weekend.

The following Tuesday, I got an email – first to thank us for working so quickly from inquiry through to delivery for the 30′ of Air Knives, and then to ask to place another order for exactly the same set.  Turns out, there is a right edge scanner and a left edge scanner, and they were ready to do the other side.  We had a little extra time, and shipped out the full set a couple days later, and standard shipping still got to them before they were ready to install.

To discuss your application and how the EXAIR Air Knives can benefit your process, feel free to contact EXAIR and myself or one of our other Application Engineers can help you determine the best solution.

Brian Bergmann
Application Engineer

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