Protect Your Personnel from Static and Nuisance Shocks

With nonconductive types of materials, static electricity can become a big nuisance.  A blow-molding plant was making 2-liter milk containers.  The containers would move from the blow-molding machine to packaging within a confined conveyor.  At the end, it would align the milk containers in a three by eight matrix.  The stacking station would then push the lot into a large rack.   The cycle would then repeat itself.  The problem that they had was when a milk container would fall out of the rack.  When an operator would retrieve the container, a spark would jump out and shock the operator.  Ouch, that hurts!  Also, if any operator would stand too close to the rack of milk containers, they would also feel the strong zap of static.  Static can jump 1” (25mm) for every 10,000 volts.  Since it was a safety issue, they contacted EXAIR to find a solution. 

Stacking Station

Knowing that non-conductive materials can generate static from rubbing, sliding, and trimming; we wanted to focus on the best area for eliminating the static as it can regenerate.  With this application, we wanted to remove the static just before the milk containers reached the stacking station.  The milk containers were 9” (23cm) tall, and I recommend two pieces of the model 112009 Gen4 Super Ion Air knives and one piece of the model 7960 Gen4 Power Supply.  I recommended for them to place one Super Ion Air Knife on each side of the container to remove the static from the entire surface.  One of the great features about our Gen4 Static Eliminators is the power supplies.  EXAIR offers a 2 port and a 4 port Gen4 Power Supply.  So, you can operate more than one Gen4 Static Eliminator with one power supply.  With the model 7960, a 2-port Gen4 Power Supply, the customer could operate both Super Ion Air Knives with one power supply saving them money. 


When it comes to eliminating static, EXAIR Gen4 Static Eliminators create both positive and negative ions to remove any type of static.  This will eliminate misalignments, jamming, surface debris, and shock to personnel.  As for the containers above, they passed between the Super Ion Air Knives, and the surface was now neutralized.  The stacking station aligned the milk containers and pushed the group into the racks.  Now, if a container did fall out, the operator was able to handle the container without getting shocked.  And for the racks that were sitting in storage, the static “monster” was eliminated to protect the passersby. 


Being that the winter months are approaching, you may want to evaluate some of your processes.  If you are working with non-conductive materials like plastic, paper, rubber, textile; EXAIR has a variety of Gen4 Static Eliminators that can remove the static nuisance.  This will help your company with increased production rates, clean surfaces, and protection from personnel shock.  With our customer above, static was a safety concern, and EXAIR was able to provide a solution.  If you would to discuss your plastic applications and potential static issues, you can contact an Application Engineer at EXAIR.  We will be happy to help. 

John Ball
Application Engineer
Twitter: @EXAIR_jb

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