EXAIR Reversible Drum Vac Solved a Big Issue that Electric Vacuums Have

Reversible Drum Vac Family
Reversible Drum Vac Family

An industrial contractor used a walk-behind cement saw to cut out and revamp cement floors in commercial buildings. In their operation, they used a lot of water to keep the diamond blades cool and the cement dust down.  A wet/dry vacuum was used for cleanup during and after the sawing operation.   But because of the dust and large amount of use, the electric motors in the wet/dry vac would fail.  The dust would migrate into the bearings of the motor, and you would start to hear a high pitch noise (a mark of the bearings starting to fail).  It wasn’t long, and the vacuum would stop working.

As with many people, they typically start with a lower priced vacuum model from their local hardware store. It was no different with this contractor.  He found out shortly that he was replacing the vacuum units every 4 to 6 weeks.  With the excessive down time and continuously running to the local hardware store, it was becoming too much.  He decided to spend the extra money and get an industrial type vacuum unit.  It had a 30 gallon tank, a drum dolly, and a 2 HP electric industrial motor.  He spent nearly $800.00 on this rugged vacuum, hoping that he would not have to purchase another unit for a while.  Even though the electric motor was heavy duty, it was no match for the cement dust.  This unit stopped working like the others after only six months of use.  After this failure, he decided to search for a better alternative.

When he contacted me about his issues with the short-lived operations of his electric vacuums, I knew EXAIR had a solution. I suggested our model 6396-30, a 30 gallon Premium Reversible Drum Vac System.  The 30 gallon size made it very easy to fit into his work truck and to setup at different locations.  With the Spill Recovery Kit included in this system, it made cleaning up the water/cement mixture quick and efficient.  The EXAIR vacuum generator has no moving parts or bearings to wear.  It is made from stainless steel construction which is very resistant to corrosion, and it is very quiet as it only has a decibel rating of 86 dBA.  For the commercial buildings that did not have compressed air yet, he used a portable compressor to operate his new Reversible Drum Vac.  With clean compressed air, this vacuum will last for many years; not months.

If you find that you are going through your electric vacuums or just would like to reduce the noise levels, EXAIR has a large line of Industrial Housekeeping Products. You can contact an Application Engineer to see if we have the right vacuum product for you.

John Ball
Application Engineer
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