Super Air Amplifier Pulls Film From Part Into Waste Container

One of our most popular tools customers use for application assistance is the online chat feature of our website.  Our online chat allows anyone on our site to contact an Application Engineer   to discuss their problem and get a recommended solution. One of the nice features is to request a transcript of the discussion so none of the details are missed. In a typical conversation transcript you would see the model numbers of product we recommend, the mounting suggestions, price, availability and the contact you chatted with.

Earlier today I received a request from a customer in need of duplicating an existing solution.  They have a plastic part covered in a thin, semi-transparent film.  The film prevents the plastic part from getting damaged during transit, and once in place at the next stage in processing (the assembly stage), the film must be removed.


To remove the film from the workspace, a 2” EXAIR Super Air Amplifier, model 120022, is used.  The film is pulled from the plastic part, then placed above the 120022 Super Air Amplifier.  A laser eye detects the film and activates a control solenoid, turning the Super Air Amplifier on and sucking the film away from the workspace.  When another film is detected, the process repeats, keeping the area free of contaminants and debris.

This type of application has proven to work well in other cases too, another customer relies on the suction of an a Super Air Amplifier to pull a sticky film from assemblers hands. The film sticks to their hands due to a static charge. Operators were spending additional time trying to remove the film from themselves and get it into a waste receptacle. After the installing the air amplifiers the cycle time of the process was shortened. If you have a similar application and would like to discuss possible solutions, contact an EXAIR Application Engineer.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer