A Better Way To Move Pellets

I wrote recently about providing my sons as involuntary labor no-cost assistance to their uncle as he installed a garage door at our house. What I didn’t mention was the amount of time and labor that my eldest and I spent, clearing out the front half of the garage so that my brother-in-law could have the necessary unobstructed space to work quickly and efficiently. This included some climbing of my ladder to put some things in the attic space immediately above my garage. At first, it wasn’t bad – in fact, I realized how much I LIKED having a great big storage space that was out of sight; out of mind (my wife’s issues with my hoarding problems notwithstanding.) A few more trips up and down the ladder, though, and it got to be kind of a drag.

Perhaps that’s why I got so excited when I had the opportunity to discuss a Line Vac application with a caller today. Right off the bat, he said he was looking for something to replace his “bucket and ladder” operation. This is, of course, a textbook situation for a Line Vac Air Operated Conveyor.

The product in this case is just small particulate plastic regrind. This is an extremely popular application for the Model 6984 2” Aluminum Line Vac Kit. We’ve even got high quality clear reinforced PVC conveyance hose, available in lengths up to 50 feet, in stock. Slip a section of that on the inlet and outlet, and you’ve got an instant conveyor.

With a wide range of sizes and materials of construction, we've got your solution.  Call us.
With a wide range of sizes and materials of construction, we’ve got your solution. Call us.

There are much better ways you can use your buckets – and your manpower – and your ladders, for that matter. If you’d like to find out how an EXAIR Line Vac system can work for you, give us a call.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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