EXAIR Static Field Meter, Locating Your Static Problem

Static Meter
Model 7905 Digital Static Meter comes with certification of the accuracy and calibration traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). A hard-shell case and 9 volt battery are also included.

As we finish up 2013 and head into the winter season in the Northern hemisphere, static problems begin to become more prevalent again due to the general lower humidity present in most manufacturing areas.

Some of the resulting symptoms of the static condition are: discharges to personnel, jamming, tearing, discharges to machines and sensors. Finally, discharges within a charged material can also cause blemishes to materials that must have absolute clarity within them. We’ve all been the victim of a nasty static discharge at some point or another. You can have the right tool in using an active static eliminator. But how do you know if you have your static eliminator located in the right position for maximum effectiveness?

That is where the EXAIR Static Meter model 7905 comes into play. This easy to use meter will indicate where the static field(s) are located in their process, how large they are in terms of kV / 1 inch distance from the charged target, and their polarity (+ or -). The meter can make direct readings up to +/- 20 kV at 1 inch distance.

The above pieces of information are handy for knowing where to place static eliminators for any given process. Static cannot be seen directly, and so your best bet for implementing an effective strategy is to utilize the Static Meter so that you can maximize static field reduction and minimize the effects of static re-generation by locating your equipment at the best possible points in the process.

Neal Raker, Application Engineer

Fall, My Favorite Season

As the sun sets lower in the sky and the daylight hours get shorter, we are reminded of the impending  winter season. The good part is this is the most fun season for me. There are falls festivals and cool nights for good sleeping. You do not have to run the A/C or the furnace and we see the benefit in low utility bills.

Static Eliminator Line

Inevitably “Ole Man Winter” will come and put an end to it all and we will have to turn on the furnace. As we heat the air in our homes and places of business, problems with static electricity emerge. In the production environment static charges can wreak havoc with sensors, conveyors, personnel and other products within your process.

EXAIR has an extensive line of static eliminating products. We have Super Ion Air Knives up to 96″ long to provide a flat sheet of ionized air. For more localized treatment we have the Ion Air Cannon and Ion Air Jet.  For manual application there is the Ion Air Gun.

With all the selections available it may be a bit confusing on which product to select.. That is why we have a team of application engineers ready to assist you. Give them a call at 1-800-903-9247.

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