Heat Causes the Same Problems Worldwide

For us in the US, cold spells and static problems are rampant.  We have nor’easters hitting the East Coast and passing over the Midwest, blankets of cold, dry air, and a host of production processes that are effected by the seasonal temperature changes.

And, for the inches of snow in the Northern hemisphere, our Southern hemisphere counterparts are experiencing their summer heat waves.  Recently, I received a request from one of our Southern hemisphere distributors with a summer-specific overheating condition.

Devices Inside an Electrical Panel
Internal components of overheating enclosure

The problem was during the summer months, when ambient temperatures creep upward and spike occasionally, the electrical devices within the panel (shown above) would overheat.  The overheat condition would trip out the electronics and drives.  So, what did the end user do?

Current cooling solution for cabinet
On-site solution before implementing High Temperature Cabinet Cooler solution

They left the panel door open just a bit to vent the heat.  And, in doing so they allow anything in the surrounding area to enter the enclosure, posing risk to the sensitive electronics inside.

In this case, the root cause of the problem was traced to spiking ambient temperatures.  And with the spike in temperature, a normal Cabinet Cooler system was not going to be sufficient, so a High Temperature Cabinet Cooler system was recommended.  (High Temperature Cabinet Cooler systems can accommodate for increased ambient and compressed air temperatures.)

Although this application came from a country in the throes of summer, the same condition can be present in any facility.  If you have an enclosure with an overheat condition, contact an EXAIR Application Engineer for a solution.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer