One Nozzle, a World of Opportunities

A nozzle is a nozzle…Wrong. Typical nozzles are simply a drilled orifice. An engineered nozzle uses compressed air more efficiently, complies with OSHA directives on sound and dead-end pressure and lends itself to more cost-effective applications.

Energy conservationists recommend eliminating the use of compressed air. In many applications this not feasible. Therefore you would want to use the most efficient nozzle possible. Example a customer needed to protect his operator from a spot welding operation. When the electrodes made contact, sparks fly everywhere. Only a high velocity air stream from an engineered nozzle worked for them.

Another example: ejection of defective parts. When a defective part is detected it needs to be ejected from conveying system immediately before it has a chance to get mixed in with the good product. The pin point accuracy of an engineered nozzle can concentrate its force on that particular object and divert it. Mechanical ejectors are too slow and are prone to frequent breakdowns.

EXAIR’s core business is to conserve compressed air. With our highly efficient nozzles, jets, air amplifiers, and air knives, we have saved customers significant amounts of compressed air. Retrofitting all their inefficient nozzles with an EXAIR nozzle, many of them have been able to shut down a complete compressor.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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