Are we not EXAIR?

I love quizzes.  They’re a chance to sharpen the ‘ol gray matter up a little bit and have some fun comparing notes afterwards.  I especially love ones about ‘You might be a child of the 80’s if…’  A lot of them revolve around music and, although I can’t carry a tune in a bushel basket (ask my co-workers), I’m pretty good at knowing the lyrics.  Here’s a few questions to test your 80’s mettle.  Needless to say, ‘no fair peekin’ on the internet:

1) What is the proper response to ‘Are we not men?’

2) What instrument was Thomas Dolby ‘playing’ in the ‘She blinded me with Science’ video?

3) Everyone remembers ‘Don’t You(Forget About Me)’ from the Breakfast Club.  Who sang it?

If you like those, check out this website Great little diversion from the workday…  I got an 82.

Okay, now for a quiz of a different nature.

1)      Who is the only Air Knife manufacturer IN THE WORLD to have a 3D library of all their knives?

2)      Who has the only Cabinet Coolers IN THE WORLD with a CE mark?

3)      Who has the only Air Knives IN THE WORLD with a CE mark?

4)      Who offers the most -316 stainless steel and -PVDF products FROM STOCK?

5)      Who else has Professor Penurious?

Put your #2 pencils down, and exchange your paper with a neighbor.  It’s gradin’ time! 

1)      EXAIR.  That’s right baby, only one in the WORLD.  And if it’s not in a format you need, e-m me and I’ll get it right over to ya.

2)      EXAIR.  Sure a few others have 3rd party recognition, but NOBODY else has CE.

3)      EXAIR.  You heard it here first.

4)      EXAIR.  Check it out on our ‘Buy Now’ section.  Open 24/7/365.

5)      No one.  Actually, I don’t think we could get rid of him if we wanted to.  He’s a little eccentric to say the least, but harmless enough.  Besides, EXAIR is the only one within biking distance.

So if you’ve got a question about an application, a special material or if you just want to hear about my lifelong regret of deciding to buy Van Halen’s ‘1984’ on cassette rather than vinyl, pick up the phone and give me a call.

Dan Preston
Design Engineer               

P.S. Answers to above:  1) We are Devo! 2) Violin/Viola/Cello 3) Simple Minds.  If you couldn’t answer this off the top of your head, your homework assignment is to go home and watch the ‘Brat Pack’ movie of your choosing.

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