NEW stuff – PEEK material and CE marks

As I wax poetic in constructing this weeks blog entry I have learned that this sense of “wax” is an intransitive verb hinting at becoming increasingly verbose and romantic in speech. And yes it is fitting; because I can’t explain how I long for writing my Wednesday blog entries.

And apparently it has caught on, as we now have our company president blogging about the New York Yankees and Earth Day. Our design engineer has been inspired to blog about 80’s supergroup Devo and selling flowers – all in the name of compressed air. It almost brings a tear to my eye…

A tear to my eye because as they creatively spin their bloggin’ yarns, I am left to ponder the practicality of our blog and the necessity to report EXAIR going’s on and product information such as our latest couple of announcements.

Via our Facebook page, Friday May 14th we announced the release of two additional PEEK air nozzles. PEEK is a very robust polymer thermoplastic with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties. It is highly resistant to thermal degradation and resists attack from organic and aqueous environments. Because PEEK has such good qualities it is used to manufacture bearings, pumps, cable insulation etc. and now – Super Air Nozzles.

We have seen our other PEEK air Nozzles used in blow offs for calendar rolls where the nozzles occasionally get hit and fall into the calendar roll and damage the roll, the PEEK does not damage the roll if it gets smashed in between. They are also used to blow off a very sensitive mirror on a large telescope because the mirror can easily be scratched, the PEEK nozzles reduce the potential of scratching the mirror. PEEK is also commonly used in the medical and chemical industries.

On Monday we announced the addition of the CE mark to our Super, Standard and Full Flow Air Knives, our Super and Adjustable Air Amplifiers and our Super and Standard Air Wipes. This is in addition to our CE marked Cabinet Coolers.

The European Union has developed a system of directives to safeguard public health and maintain conformity to these safety and health requirements – If you can meet the requirements, you can place the mark on your products. This mark insures our customers that these products meet the safety, material, information and performance standards of the European Directives. It is a benefit for anyone buying or selling internationally and as the world gets smaller we are improving the ease of international business by providing these recognizable and desirable marks.

Now that I have that information out-of-the-way, my increasingly verbose (if not already accomplished) and romantic (most likely impossible) blog entry will have to wait until next week.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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