One Nozzle So Many Possibilities

Have you ever seen a product that can do more than just one thing?   Take for instance this can of Spray-On Duct Tape that I have, not only does it say it can seal a leak but it can be used in the home, office, or your car and even more.  Something like this can be used in quite a few instances.  Other products try to say they can be used in many applications but lack the adaptability to fit well in the applications.

This is not the case many of EXAIR products.  Let’s take for example the EXAIR 2″ Super Air Nozzle.  This unit is offered in two materials, zinc aluminum or stainless steel.  We then offer multiple shims that can be interchanged with each other so you can go from trying to blow water off a plastic cup without moving the plastic cup to trying to blow metal bolts off a conveyor line.  We also can fit the nozzle to a swivel fitting for easy adjustment, or a Stay Set Hose for extended reach adaptability that will hold its location.

The nozzle can even be attached to two different styles of Safety Air Guns with dozens of different extensions and with or without Chip Shields.

This one single nozzle is capable of well over one hundred configurations.

That to me is a truly adjustable and versatile product.

If you have any questions about how versatile any of products are of if we can cover multiple applications for you with one product feel free to give us a call, tweet, email, or chat request.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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