Cool Motor


One of the best tools we have for Cabinet Cooler calculations is the Cabinet Cooler Sizing Guide (CCSG).  For any given application, this guide (when completed and sent to an EXAIR Application Engineer) provides the necessary details to calculate heat load.

Sometimes, though, we receive these guides for applications better suited to another product.  For example, earlier in the week I received a CCSG for an application needing to keep a motor cool.  The motor is operating outside of the desired temperature range and needs to be cooled down.  A Cabinet Cooler can provide very cold air.  So, it seems like a perfect fit.  But, a Cabinet Cooler has to be mounted and installed on a sealed enclosure.  In an application like this, the Cabinet Cooler will serve little to no purpose.

An Air Amplifier, however, is the perfect fit.  The desired operating temperature of the motor is above ambient, which is a requirement for an Air Amplifier.  It can move enormous amounts of air, but cannot cool the air below ambient temperature.  So, Air Amplifiers have been recommended and are slated for installation.  Another success story on the horizon.

If you have an application which is in need of assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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