Chip Vac Removes Aluminum in Cladding Machining Operation


Earlier this week I had the pleasure of meeting with a local manufacturer to showcase our Industrial Housekeeping products.  As a premier national manufacturer of glazing and cladding, they identified a need for increased efficiency within their manufacturing processes.  (The term “cladding” is more well-known in other parts of the world; here in the U.S. we typically refer to it as “siding”.  Essentially, it is the exterior skin of a building, and it includes all moisture barriers and materials used to cover the outside of a structure.)  The specific need for EXAIR products came during a solution seeking process for their machining operations.

During machining, aluminum chips accumulate within the workspace, creating difficulties with completing a machining run.  What the end user needed in this application was a way to remove the chips from the machining center, preferably so they could be collected in a container outside of the CNC.

This type of application is a perfect fit for a Chip Vac or Heavy Duty Dry Vac, so during an initial conversation with the end user, these were my recommended solutions.  Torn between the two, and located only 10 minutes from EXAIR, they requested a demonstration.  So, I set the demos up, we discussed application intricacies such as the mounting location for the vacuum hose, and the end user was able to make an easy decision regarding purchasing.  (After seeing each system in person, it was determined that the Chip Vac was the best solution.)

With so much taking place via email and over the phone, it’s refreshing to sit down with an end user face-to-face and to have them see the product work.  Realizing that this can’t happen every time, we make great effort to support our products over the phone, via email, through polished and informal videos, and in any other way our customers request.

If you have a need for EXAIR products, or wish to discuss an application solution, contact an EXAIR Application Engineer.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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