Just My Size

So, I was spending some daddy/son time with my 5 year old this past weekend, (5 and a HALF if you ask him), when he asked me about my new job and what kind of “stuff” I helped our customers with. So we got on our tablet and I showed him our website, EXAIR.com. I decided to start off with our Super Air Nozzles because I thought he might be able to relate a little after seeing me use my portable compressor to blow off my workbench, sawdust, etc. in our garage.

As we scrolled through the section we came upon our Atto Super Air Nozzles. Well, that was the ONE for him! He was so excited that we had nozzles that were, per his words, “just my size” and he wanted to know when I was going to bring him one home.

Of course, as with most children, I could see his wheels turning as he was trying to come up with ways that he could use these to push his cars around or blow the dirt out of his Power Wheels dune buggy or maybe just blow some air at our dog, you know, just for fun. (By no means would I condone this behavior.)


Since we offer the Atto Super Air Nozzle in both 316SS and PEEK material, I asked him which one he thought he would want…… BIG decision for a 5 year old! (Well, 5 and a HALF). Of course the answer was, “just get me both daddy because they are little, just my size”.


Take a look at our extensive Super Air Nozzle selection.  The fact is that we fit any “size” from 4x.05 metric to 1-1/4″ NPT and almost every size in between, as well as multiple material options.   No matter what your applications size, or environment, chances are we will have a Super Air Nozzle that will fit it, if not then we have twelve other product lines that might just fit the need.  Feel free to check the website, EXAIR.com, and check out our Super Air Nozzles. I can guarantee there will be something to fit your application, or “just your size”, if not we’ll take it back under our 30 day guarantee.

Nozzle Lineup

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer





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