Super Air Wipe Blows Electric Resistance Welded Pipe Clean During Manufacture

SAW pipe
Super Air Wipe Blows Off Pipe

A manufacturer of Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) pipes contact us recently. They were trying to make improvements to an existing pipe mill where pipes of diameters 3-1/2” up to 8-5/8” diameter are being processed. They had previously used our Super Air Wipe product on a smaller line that produced pipe in the 2-3/8” to 3-1/2” outside diameter range with great success. So, they wanted to know what we had that could blow off the outside diameter of their large product.

It so happens that EXAIR produces the Super Air Wipe product up to 11 inch inside diameter. With such a size, the Super Air Wipe has capability to blow off and cool pipes up to about 10 inch diameter. This capability was well within the need for our customer.

Previously, the customer had been using a series of open pipes that terminated into a ring around their product to blow off coolant used during the final phases of production. This solution was extremely loud and used a large volume of air which ran continuously while the mill was in operation. Also, the finish produced was not quite as consistent as the customer wanted. The inconsistent velocity between the home made “nozzles” caused lines to form on the pipe’s outer surface finish that were not appealing.

The Super Air Wipe was able to harness the compressed air into a more manageable flow with even velocity all the way round the outside of the pipe. The sound level dropped considerably, the flow rate dropped down to a much more reasonable level for the customer and the visual quality of their final product had no lines as before.

The pipes produced at this particular facility were used in the oil and gas industry. However, any application where pipes, hoses, tubes and any other round forms need to be blown off or cooled with air create good opportunity to take advantage of the features that an EXAIR Super Air Wipe bring to the application.

Neal Raker, International Sales Manager

Video Blog: What Can Air Wipes Do For You

Below is a short video showing the cleaning power of a Standard Air Wipe. EXAIR has a variety of sizes from 1/2″ to 11″, and the air wipes are available in aluminum or stainless steel. Air Wipes are often used in the manufacturing processes for pipe, tubes, extruded profiles, wire and cable.

For help with your Air Wipe application, please do not hesitate to contact an application engineer at 1-800-903-9247.

Dave Woerner
Application Engineer


Just My Size

So, I was spending some daddy/son time with my 5 year old this past weekend, (5 and a HALF if you ask him), when he asked me about my new job and what kind of “stuff” I helped our customers with. So we got on our tablet and I showed him our website, I decided to start off with our Super Air Nozzles because I thought he might be able to relate a little after seeing me use my portable compressor to blow off my workbench, sawdust, etc. in our garage.

As we scrolled through the section we came upon our Atto Super Air Nozzles. Well, that was the ONE for him! He was so excited that we had nozzles that were, per his words, “just my size” and he wanted to know when I was going to bring him one home.

Of course, as with most children, I could see his wheels turning as he was trying to come up with ways that he could use these to push his cars around or blow the dirt out of his Power Wheels dune buggy or maybe just blow some air at our dog, you know, just for fun. (By no means would I condone this behavior.)


Since we offer the Atto Super Air Nozzle in both 316SS and PEEK material, I asked him which one he thought he would want…… BIG decision for a 5 year old! (Well, 5 and a HALF). Of course the answer was, “just get me both daddy because they are little, just my size”.


Take a look at our extensive Super Air Nozzle selection.  The fact is that we fit any “size” from 4x.05 metric to 1-1/4″ NPT and almost every size in between, as well as multiple material options.   No matter what your applications size, or environment, chances are we will have a Super Air Nozzle that will fit it, if not then we have twelve other product lines that might just fit the need.  Feel free to check the website,, and check out our Super Air Nozzles. I can guarantee there will be something to fit your application, or “just your size”, if not we’ll take it back under our 30 day guarantee.

Nozzle Lineup

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer