EXAIR Nozzles Used In Cold Roll Mill

I spoke with an end user recently about a performance concern with the EXAIR product in their application.  During the phone call I requested a drawing of their system to better understand the application.  They obliged and sent a PDF version of their CAD file, showing their cold roll mill, full of annotations and component number call-outs, multiple views, and even sub assembly descriptions.

Having so many details was great!  And yet I found myself playing a game of Where’s Waldo, only instead of looking for the guy in stripes I was trying to find an EXAIR 1122 2″ Flat Super Air Nozzle in the machine’s schematic.

I scanned the drawing a few times before deciding to zoom in for a better look.  And, lucky for me there was an annotation for “EXAIR 1122 2″ Flat Super Air Nozzle, Qty 13”.  It’s always great to see EXAIR spec’d into a design.

After confirming the installation orientation, I had no concern about how the nozzles were installed (as far as angle of attack and use of the spray pattern), but I wanted to get a peek at the nozzles in use.  This wasn’t possible, but the manifold which houses the nozzles was off of the machine and before long I had the pic below.

Cold Roll Mill Manifold for 1122s

Immediately upon receipt, I could see a potential performance killer – the quick disconnect at the compressed air inlet.  I’ve blogged before about the importance of proper plumbing.  Providing adequate flow of compressed air is just as important as providing adequate pressure.

I advised the end user to step up to a manifold free of quick disconnects, and with compressed air inlets on each end.  They agreed to make the necessary changes before installing back into the machine and I have confidence each nozzle will meet the performance specs we publish in our catalog.

It isn’t often that an EXAIR device doesn’t perform as it should.  Plumbing problems, pressure drops, and contaminated air sources are the most common causes of performance disruption.  If you have an application for an EXAIR product our Application Engineers will provide you with their compressed air application knowledge and experience, give us a call.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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