Well, my son’s first season of tee ball is coming to an end and I must admit that I am kind of bummed. What are we going to do with our Tuesday and Thursday evenings now that there aren’t any more practices? What about Saturdays or Sundays now that the game schedule is complete? Oh that’s right, he is a very busy 5 year old so I am quite sure he will have our time more than occupied.


Last night he wanted to get in some extra batting practice so he would be able to “hit that sucker out of here” at their last game. (who knows where he gets this stuff? hmmm?) While we were “practicing” (he was batting while I was running all over the place to retrieve the ball), we began talking about how much he has learned and what he liked most about playing. His answer – he likes running the bases the best. (I thought for sure it would be batting).

I asked what he was going to miss the most and he said his teammates because he likes how everyone helps and backs each other up. I guess this would qualify as that “proud dad moment” because it wasn’t about winning or losing for him, it wasn’t about hitting or throwing the ball the farthest or running the bases the fastest, he actually learned what I was hoping he would all along – the value of teamwork! He understood that in order for his team to be successful, he had to learn to trust and rely on his teammates to get the job done.

I just recently joined the team here at EXAIR and the thing that has stood out from day one is the focus on teamwork within the company. Being the “new guy” is always intimidating but the support and assistance I have received from everyone has been a refreshing experience. From the warehouse/shop personnel, to order entry/customer service, marketing, engineering up to management, everyone is willing to help each other.


This teamwork carries over to you – our customer. At EXAIR, we ALL understand to be successful we have to work together toward one common goal, satisfying our customer’s needs.

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Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer


Image from rama_miguel. Creative Commons

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