Super Ion Air Knife Solves Vinyl Printing Static Issue

I recently worked with a customer who was starting to get rejects in their vinyl printing press process. As the sheet enters the machine, the vacuum turns on to hold it in place as the printer head passes over. Due to static buildup, the sheet was getting wrinkles resulting in an unusable finished product so they called EXAIR looking for a solution.

I recommended using our 60” Super Ion Air Knife and mounting the unit on the side of the press, blowing the ionized air across the vacuum table. The Super Ion Air Knife provides a laminar sheet of ionized air across the entire length of the knife. By using a pressure regulator to adjust the supply pressure, the force and flow can be controlled to meet the demands of a specific application.

Available in one-piece lengths from 3″ to 108″.

This time of year, static electricity becomes a major issue with many industrial applications. We have recently written blogs entitled Hello Static and Winter Cold = Static Issues (just to name a few),  outlining some common causes and negative results.

If you are beginning to experience static issues in your plant, please contact us at 1-800-903-9247 to see how we can help.


Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer

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