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If you’re even just a casual reader of our blogs, you likely know that EXAIR Corporation is focused on efficiency and safety. Our Design Engineers (starting with our founder & CEO) have always, and continue to be, determined to produce the most efficient, quietest, and safest compressed air products you can find. Our Production Team not only manufactures these products in strict compliance to these designs, but they do so with keen attention to safety in every evolution of every operation, from machining and assembly to packaging and quality control, and all points in between. Getting hurt on the job here is the last thing someone has to worry about, because safety is the first thing everybody is thinking about. And I really, really like that.

I had the pleasure of helping a caller recently who was focused on that exact same thing: workplace safety. They operate a brake press, and, in continuing efforts to improve safety, had been using tongs to place parts into, and retrieve them from, the press platen. Some of the parts weigh about 1-1/2 pounds, and the tongs were, necessarily, a two-hand operation. As you can imagine, this was a laborious and tiresome process, involving hundreds of operations over the course of the day. The main concern was still safety, of course, but they were also looking for a lighter-weight, more ergonomic solution, so we started talking about a simple pick-and-place device, using an E-Vac Vacuum Generator and a Vacuum Cup.

Again, the largest part weighed only 1-1/2 pounds, and was about 8” in diameter. This was easily handled by a Model 900753 Small Round 1-1/2” Diameter Vacuum Cup. Given the light weight of the parts, and the compact (by design) nature of their device, they were able to use our smallest Model 810002M In-Line E-Vac High Vacuum Generator, which uses only 2.3 SCFM @80psig.

With (14) Models to choose from (seven sizes, all available in "High Vacuum" for non-porous products and "Low Vacuum" for lifting objects with a porous surface,) we've got the solution to your pick-and-place application.
With (14) Models to choose from (seven sizes, all available in “High Vacuum” for non-porous products and “Low Vacuum” for lifting objects with a porous surface,) we’ve got the solution to your pick-and-place application.

By incorporating a simple thumb-trigger air gun and an arrangement of short pipe nipples, fittings, and elbows, they were able to quickly assemble a lightweight, ergonomic pick-and-place tool to replace the cumbersome tongs…and still keep the operators’ hands safely away from the press platen. Add in the fact that it’s now a one-handed operation, it’s a win-win-win. And I really, really, like that too.

If you’d like to find out how a pick-and-place system using EXAIR E-Vacs and Vacuum Cups can make life easier in your machine room, fab shop, or even shipping & receiving, give me a call.

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