Static Eliminator Cleaning And Maintenance

Occasionally a customer will call looking for a way to check if their EXAIR Static Eliminator is still functioning properly. The best way to determine proper operation is to use our Model # 7905 Static Meter, capable of reading up to +/- 20kV measured at 1” away.

Static Meter
Model # 7905 Digital Static Meter complete with NIST Certification, case and 9-volt battery.

With the power supply and compressed air turned off, simply take a reading of the surface of the object. You then ionize the surface and take another reading. If the digital display shows a great reduction in static charge the unit is working properly. If the charge remains at its original value or close to the original value, you may need to clean the ionizer or go through some additional steps to determine if it is functioning properly –  contact an Application Engineer for assistance.

To maintain a properly functioning Static Eliminator, the unit may require occasional cleaning depending on the environment. To do this, you first need to identify the emitter(s):

The best method to determine how well the Ionizing Bar is working is with the Model 7905 Static Meter. The static meter is easy to use and will accurately display the charge on a surface without touching it. To do this, simply measure the charge on the surface before ionizing (power supply off). Then, ionize the surface (power supply on). Measure the surface again. A “zero” volt reading indicates that the Ionizing Bar is working properly. If a charge is still present, this may indicate the need for cleaning.

Keeping the ionizing bar free of moisture and dirt is very important to its effectiveness and life-span. A simple cleaning operation added to your planned maintenance schedule can eliminate potential performance problems. The frequency of cleaning required will depend upon the environment in which the ionizer is installed. Dirty industrial applications may require daily cleaning while clean-room applications may require only monthly cleaning. It is important to evaluate the cleaning needs of each individual ionizer installation.

A soft bristle brush (a toothbrush works well) should be used to clean the emitter points and channel to remove any particulate. Do not use anything that will bend or dull the emitter points. Do not use any soaps or liquid cleaners that will leave a conductive residue. They can destroy the effectiveness of the ionizing bar. Periodic cleaning will keep the ionizer operating at peak performance for the life of the product.

If you have any questions about your existing EXAIR product(s) or to discuss a new application, give us a call.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer


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