Happy To Be Here

Well, I have officially passed another milestone on my journey to becoming an old-timer (or “curmudgeon,” as my wife would say) – our youngest child is now a teenager. Like I needed two teenagers in my house, but I digress. It’s been a wild trip so far; starting with his arrival, some seven weeks early. They had him hooked up to a LOT of instrumentation and monitoring devices for those first two week, because the rule is, “you never trust a preemie.” He’s still proving that to be good advice, to this day. But he gets it honest. And no, I’m not blaming his mother. Not completely.

I also celebrated another “trip around the sun” recently: I’ve been an Application Engineer at EXAIR Corporation for four years now. While not exactly a “milestone” – it’s not one of the anniversaries that comes with more vacation time or a nice watch or anything – I’m still very happy to be here. Let me tell you a few reasons why:

*EXAIR means performance. We make the most efficient and quietest engineered compressed air products on the market. We can…and have…proved it against any competitors’ products, in side-by-side testing in our Efficiency Lab.

*EXAIR means quality. Our Intelligent Compressed Air Products are the result of 31 years of determination to provide solutions for a variety of compressed air applications. We know of more than a few users who have had our products in place for 20+ years, and they’re still operating the same as when they were new.

*EXAIR means growth. To be an aggressive solutions provider, you have to look for more problems to solve…and we do. We’re constantly developing new products, adding wider selections of size, performance, and materials of construction to current products, and discovering new types of applications where our products can be successfully employed.

All of this comes together to make for an exciting place to work, and an easy company to do business with. Yeah…I’m still very happy to be here.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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