Happy To Be Here

Well, I have officially passed another milestone on my journey to becoming an old-timer (or “curmudgeon,” as my wife would say) – our youngest child is now a teenager. Like I needed two teenagers in my house, but I digress. It’s been a wild trip so far; starting with his arrival, some seven weeks early. They had him hooked up to a LOT of instrumentation and monitoring devices for those first two week, because the rule is, “you never trust a preemie.” He’s still proving that to be good advice, to this day. But he gets it honest. And no, I’m not blaming his mother. Not completely.

I also celebrated another “trip around the sun” recently: I’ve been an Application Engineer at EXAIR Corporation for four years now. While not exactly a “milestone” – it’s not one of the anniversaries that comes with more vacation time or a nice watch or anything – I’m still very happy to be here. Let me tell you a few reasons why:

*EXAIR means performance. We make the most efficient and quietest engineered compressed air products on the market. We can…and have…proved it against any competitors’ products, in side-by-side testing in our Efficiency Lab.

*EXAIR means quality. Our Intelligent Compressed Air Products are the result of 31 years of determination to provide solutions for a variety of compressed air applications. We know of more than a few users who have had our products in place for 20+ years, and they’re still operating the same as when they were new.

*EXAIR means growth. To be an aggressive solutions provider, you have to look for more problems to solve…and we do. We’re constantly developing new products, adding wider selections of size, performance, and materials of construction to current products, and discovering new types of applications where our products can be successfully employed.

All of this comes together to make for an exciting place to work, and an easy company to do business with. Yeah…I’m still very happy to be here.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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Choices, Choices

This past Sunday was my birthday. I had planned on teaching my 13-year-old son some basics of pitching…but it rained, so instead, he got a lesson in the basics of plumbing, since the toilet in his bathroom needed a new wax ring installed. It actually wasn’t too bad, since I learned something too: I’ve replaced a few toilet seals in my time, but I never knew how easy it was when help was available, especially from a strapping, athletic teenager who’s capable of lifting his half of that awkward, ceramic hulk. When we go to tile that bathroom floor (don’t tell him yet; it’s a surprise…maybe for HIS birthday), this is one task I don’t dread all that much anymore.

You’re probably thinking of a thousand better ways to spend a birthday, and, a thousand times, you would be right. It wasn’t all bad, though: right before we got into the plumbing project, we had lunch with some of our best friends. Since it was my birthday, I got to choose where we went. After making several fast-food suggestions that I KNEW would be unacceptable to my wife, I picked one of her favorite steak joints, and all was well. Medium well, actually…

Speaking of smart decisions, I had the pleasure of helping a new customer with product selection for a cooling application yesterday. There are many, many situations where an EXAIR product can be used for cooling, but it all comes down to two considerations. Is it better to use:

*A small-to-moderate flow of very cold air (like a Vortex Tube), or
*A high volume flow of ambient temperature air?

In this case, they needed to keep a sensitive component in a vision inspection system relatively cool in a very high temperature environment. For that kind of mass heat removal, the obvious answer was an Air Amplifier:  although a Vortex Tube can produce very cold temperatures, when the temperature of the machinery is more than a few hundred degrees, the relative “cool” of room temperature air will do just fine, especially if you can provide a LOT of it.  What (I hope) sells the customer on it is a video we recently became aware of, showing our Adjustable Air Amplifiers being used to cool the exhaust during the testing of the 2014 Corvette’s 450HP V8 engine:

If you have an application requiring a cooling flow of air and aren’t sure which way to go, give me a call. If the Corvette engine video doesn’t convince you, we can even resort to quantitative analysis of your heat load, which is almost as fun. Almost…

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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Today Marks A Grand Event! This Month Brings Even More!

It was on this day, three years ago, that my wife and I welcomed our oldest daughter into the world.  It wasn’t exactly smooth sailing for the entire event, but everyone made it and I’m extremely thankful for it.   Now that she is three, my oldest when asked how old she is states, “Six years old.”  Believe me, she’s going on thirteen already!  I know that the journey of watching her grow up has merely just begun for my wife and I.

At this point in her life, she has a 5 month old sister that she loves to entertain.  The two of them will entertain each other for an hour easily just making each other laugh.  It’s truly an amazing feat to observe the interaction between them when my youngest daughter can’t even talk yet.


For the past three years, we have of course changed the themes of the birthday parties.  This year is going to be a princess party.  Complete with a “princess” cake that my wife has to make before tomorrow.  The best part about this cake is that I get all the scraps tonight!


The other events that happen later this month are, my own celebration of being with EXAIR for 3 years.  That’s right, I actually had to postpone my start date because my daughter decided she comes first.  I’ll also be celebrating my thirty first birthday.


So, while I have a lot of celebrating to do this month, the entire team here at EXAIR will be continuing to celebrate EXAIR being a company and amazing employer for the past 30 years.  That is a tremendous event that continues to be celebrated every single month this year.

Brian Farno

Application Engineer



Another Trip Around The Sun

Well folks, today marks my 30th trip around the sun in this adventure we call life.   If there is anything I have learned so far it is, you can’t teach experience, and making your 2-year-old laugh so hard they double over are some of the best things you can know.

Here at EXAIR we are in our 29th trip around the sun and still constantly learning and changing.   This is because we have a lot of experience under our belt when it comes to compressed air and customer service.  One of the best pieces of free information we have to offer is our experience.  One thing I have learned through experience is it’s better to be prepared when you’re trying to do something in the field.

This is why here at EXAIR we offer a large amount of information about our products and it’s all available through our website.  If you are trying to get a machine designed or trying to figure out how to fit a new Super Air Knife into  a customer’s machine we offer 2 and 3D dimensional drawings of virtually every product, along with installation and maintenance sheets.

This means you can have a detailed drawing to figure out every last bolt or fitting you will need to install the new product and know exactly what it’s going to take to install and get the product up and running.

If you have any questions on how to install an item, need the dimensions of one of our products, or help figuring out which one will work for you, give us a call.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer