Cold Gun Removes Heat From A Peening Operation

Last week I worked with a customer who is peening the edge of an aluminum sheet. Toward the end of the run, and approximately every six inches, they were starting to see irregularities due to warping of the sheet and other heat-related damage. They were allocating a lot of valuable machining time to try and rework the sheet but in many cases the product had to be scrapped anyway. They even installed a misting system and while it worked to provide the cooling, there was now an additional step of wiping the sheet dry, so they called EXAIR for a solution.

I recommended using our Model # 5215 Cold Gun System for the application. Incorporating a Vortex Tube, the Cold Gun produces a cold air stream at 50°F below compressed air supply temperature and provides 1,000 Btu/hr. of cooling capacity. Fitted with a magnetic base and flexible hose the unit can be mounted virtually anywhere on the machine and the cold airflow can be easily directed to provide cooling to the critical area. The system also includes a filter separator for the supply line to remove any water or contaminants, ensuring virtually maintenance free operation.

The #5215 produces 1000 Btu/Hour of cooling and was enough capacity to prevent the heat related problems and warping using only cold air. By removing the heat and any liquid from the process the customer eliminated the extra steps they had to put in place without any cooling and the extra steps they had in place with liquid cooling. Success!

Model # 5215 Cold Gun System with one outlet. Includes: Cold Gun Single Point Hose Kit 3/8″ Cone Nozzle 1-1/4″ Fan Nozzle Filter Separator

If you have a similar cooling application, please contact an Application Engineer for assistance.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer



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