Keep Frightening Compressed Air Costs at Bay

Last week my wife, 6-1/2 year old son, 9-week old son, mother-in-law and I all took a trip to what some call the “most magical place on earth” in Orlando, Florida. You may be thinking the same thing I was when my wife dreamed up this lovely idea….. “14 hours in a car with a 9 week old? Seriously???”. Much to our surprise the trip down was great, no crying – not even once, but the ride home was drastically different.

Anyway, we have been there several times in the past so we know what we like to ride and anticipate waiting in long lines. My mother-in-law, who really isn’t in to the whole park/ride theme, decided to stay back with the baby. This was a HUGE  benefit to the rest of us as we wouldn’t feel guilty having them wait while we rode the “big kid” rides (per my oldest). We rode the completely dark, indoor coaster, the runaway train and the log flume mountain with no ill effects, then came the haunted house ride. My son, who has waited in line with us before then bailed right at the moment of “no-return”, decided he was big and old enough this year to not be scared. We went through the first part of the ride where you stand in a dark room that appears to stretch from ceiling to floor, revealing some ghostly images before the lights black out and the narrator’s voice beckons “now try and find a way out! Or you can use MY way”. At this point, a door opens in the back of the room where you board the “Doom Buggy” for the ride portion. This is also the exact point that a once brave little boy breaks down with panic and hysteria. After some reassurance that he would survive and it was all fake, we boarded the buggy.

Haunted mansion
Entrance to the haunted ride

Things were going great until the ride broke down for about 15 minutes at the worst possible area….. There were ghosts hitchhiking for a ride and a screaming ghoul that kept jumping up from behind a tombstone. Just what we didn’t need! The ride finally started back up and relief set in that it was almost over, except for the fact that the ride broke down again for a couple minutes where one of the hitchhiking ghosts has now caught a ride with your buggy, visible by the large mirrors in front of you! This was just way too much for my son who literally ran off the ride warning others to stay away, “it’s real, the ghosts shut the ride down, stay away, it’s too scary!”.

Leak Detector
Model # 9061 Ultrasonic Leak Detector

At EXAIR, we have a completely different idea of what is scary. We are not scared of ghosts or ghoulish sounds, nor high speed coasters or crying babies on a 14 hour car ride. We have a tendency to think that high energy costs due to compressed air waste are scary. Cost od compressed air is significant and if you are not optimizing its use, those costs can get more out of control than a 6 year old in a haunted house.

Our Ultrasonic Leak Detector  is one of the products we use to keep frightening compressed air cost at bay. It is a simple, hand held way to locate costly leaks in your compressed air system. When the source of a leak is located, the LED display will light up and when using the supplied headphones, a tone will alert the presence of a leak.

Another way keep from warning others about how scary it may be is to monitor compressed air usage with our Digital Flowmeter. The digital displays easily identifies the amount of compressed air being used (SCFM or m³/hr) in the line. Add in the Summing Remote Display and with the simple push of a button you can monitor the current usage, 24-hour period and total usage from up to 50′ away from the installation point of the Digital Flowmeter. Not to mention the benefit of our USB Data Logger that connects directly to the Digital Flowmeter and can record the flow rate from once every 12 hours down to every second. This information can then be imported to Excel or viewable with the supplied software.

Digital Flowmeter and USB Data Logger
Summing Remote
Summing Remote Display powered by the Digital Flowmeter

Now as a dad, I have the tedious task of reassuring my son that everything will be fine, a scary task in it’s own right. To avoid being haunted by your compressed air usage, give us a call so we can have you “resting” as well.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer

Haunted Mansion Holiday FastPass image courtesy of Loren Javier via Creative Commons License

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