Vac-u-Gun Increases Production and Eliminates Mess

I recently took a call from a customer who was looking for a way to increase the production in their bean bag chair and pillow filling application. They currently have an operator use a scoop and manually take the polystyrene pellets out of a bag to fill the chairs and pillows. This process was time consuming, tedious and messy. Since they were only looking to move the material a short distance, they were considering using our Light Duty Line Vac but were hoping for something that could be more easily controlled. Our Vac-u-Gun is a great solution for this customer because it is a hand held, trigger operated solution that will provide the control they desired. The Vac-u-Gun is a versatile product that can be used to efficiently transfer bulk material, evacuate a vessel or used as a blow gun. By changing the orientation of the nozzle insert in the Vac-u-Gun it will provide positive pressure (for blow off or cleaning) or negative pressure (vacuum) which is the position best suited for transferring these polystyrene pellets.

No moving parts or electricity required to operate, with the convenience of 3 separate tools.

For this particular application, the customer ordered our Model # 6292 Transfer System which includes the Vac-u-Gun, 10′ of vacuum hose and some additional tools. This allowed them to easily transfer the material and by making it a closed system with the vacuum hose, eliminated the mess they were seeing with their current process.

Vac-u-Gun Systems
3 different systems available for collection, transfer or multi-purpose.

With our extensive offering, there may be several products to fit your particular application. Call one of our application engineers for assistance in making the best selection.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer



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