A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

I’m old enough to remember doing business before we had the internet, but I swear I don’t remember how I (or anyone else) ever got anything done. The ability to share details and information, in real time, is a hallmark of the way business is conducted in the 21st Century.

Now, to be fair, we’ve been able to immediately send written data (spec sheets, operation instructions, etc.) for a long time, via fax machines. Curiously, this technology predates the invention of the telephone, believe it or not. It just didn’t work well at all with photographs, though…I recall trying it several times, and actually having it work once: someone put a small part directly on the glass of the copier (much to the chagrin of the office manager) and faxed the resultant image to me.

Nowadays, we just snap a picture with a smart phone camera and email it. In fact, EXAIR Application Engineers do this at least a couple of times a day. In fact, just this morning, I had the pleasure of helping a customer get a replacement muffler for one of our Vortex Tube Spot Cooling Products…one that they purchased about 25 years ago. I was a little curious to know, however, what condition of the rest of the device was in. The customer sent me an email with photos, which showed a 25 year old EXAIR Component Cooler in REMARKABLE condition…except for the muffler, which was showing some corrosion due to recent operation with some moisture in the air supply (due to the undetected failure of an upstream dryer.) The nice thing about digital photos is, I could also tell that the o-ring used to install the muffler was also in need of replacement…something we’d have never been able to tell from a fax of an image, taken from a copier.

As you can see, the o-ring had seen better days too...back in the 1990's!
As you can see, the o-ring had seen better days too…back in the 1990’s!

Within about a half an hour, we were processing an order for a muffler and o-ring that they’ll have tomorrow, and their 25 year old Vortex Tube product will be running like new. Just like the ones shown near the end of this video (you will see that back in the day, we used two x’s in our name):

Every day, EXAIR Application Engineers prove that a picture is, indeed, worth a thousand words…and videos might just be worth a thousand pictures.  If you’d like help with a compressed air product application, or an existing compressed air product, let us know.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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