Free Stuff + Safety + Efficiency = EXAIR’s Safety Air Gun Promo

Inflatable Arm Flailing Wacky Promotional w/ Imposter

Everyone likes free stuff. Well, okay, I’m sure there are a select number of people who don’t, so I’ll keep this directed at everyone that does appreciate free stuff. Another thing most operators and companies not only like, they also appreciate, is safety being designed into products they purchase. This month, you can combine both with our Safety Air Gun Promotion!

This promotion is available for all End-User’s throughout the United States and Canada that are purchasing factory direct from us. Purchase any Safety Air Gun from our promotion link and you will receive a free Model 1126, 1″ Flat Super Air Nozzle with the purchase. Whether you choose from the VariBlast Precision Safety Air Gun, VariBlast Compact Safety air Gun, Soft Grip Safety Air Gn or Heavy Duty Safety Air Gun, all are designed to meet or exceed the standards for OSHA dead-end pressure and allowable noise level exposure.

EXAIR Safety Air Gun Promo includes a FREE Model 1126 – 1″ Flat Super Air Nozzle.

The 1″ Flat Super Air Nozzle is able to fit into tight places and provides a forceful blast that can be regulated to a gentle breeze in order to meet the needs of the application instilled in it. If you would like to discuss which of the EXAIR Safety Air Guns is best suited to replace your existing blowoff, contact an Application Engineer.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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