Importance of ISO-8573 Air Purity Measurement

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ISO-18573 is a standard that classifies contaminants in compressed air which helps to define purity classes for your compressed air system. This ISO standard is international and effectively a guideline to base your site standards and measurement procedures. Although ISO-18573 helps define the class of air within your system there is no legislation in place for absolute compliance. Some industries may have regulatory targets for compliance and this is why understanding ISO-18573 is helpful in understanding compressed air purity.

There are four (4) general categories that need to be removed or lowered when classifying your compressed air system:

  1. Particulate from pipe scale, wear particles, atmospheric dirt…
  2. Moisture from condensation, vapor, aerosol…
  3. Oil from liquid, vapor, aerosol…
  4. Microorganisms

The international standard ISO8573-1:2010 is a compressed air specification that considers these contaminants by providing a range of purity classes for particulate, water and oil. It does not include class for microorganisms.

When discussing “Clean Air” and the purity everyone involved must use a common standard when discussing clean dry air. ISO 8573-1 Purity Classes will standardize your goals making it easier to accomplish and monitor.

EXAIR has filter separators (5 micron) that come in a variety of sizes along with oil removal filters (3 micron) that are used with our products. EXAIR Intelligent Compressed Air Products are used in just about every industry worldwide using different purity levels. If you have questions please contact any Application Engineer here at EXAIR.

Eric Kuhnash
Application Engineer
Twitter: @EXAIR_EK

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