Basics of Entrainment

EXAIR Super Air Nozzle entrainment

EXAIR has many choices for compressed air savings. EXAIR specifically takes pride in engineering products that not only save compressed usage when comparing to your existing processes but also considers the entrainment of ambient air compounding the compressed savings. Entrainment? Well think of it like this; We love “free” perks when using our reward cards at stores, gas stations or restaurants. Although you are paying the initial cost of whatever you are buying its nice knowing there is a “free” reward. We know producing compressed air is expensive, so we like that we have entrained savings when using our products.

EXAIR Super Air Knives are a perfect example of getting a reward when paying for your compressed air. Super Air Knives will entrain up to 40:1 ambient “free” air, so essentially you gain 40 SCFM of ambient air for every 1 SCFM being used. The illustration below shows more about our Super Air Knife.

Bernoulli’s equation takes into account four main variables which are Pressure (P), Density (r), Velocity (v), and a height difference (z); along with a single constant for gravity. The relationship between the velocity squared and the pressure from the equation above.  Being that this relationship is a constant along the streamline; when the velocity increases; the pressure has to come down. Now we have to look at how fluids like to behave. Fluids within a system like to be at a constant pressure when at the same height and reach a state of equilibrium. This means that fluids will always flow towards a low pressure area, which means that if you create a constant low pressure area you can amplify the air stream. This is the same principle as to why airplanes can fly.

Bernoulli’s Equation

EXAIR used the Bernoulli Principle when designing our Air Amplifiers, Air Knives, Air Wipes, Air Nozzles/Jets, Safety Air Guns and Static Eliminating Products. We not only designed in safety into our products but also the reward of “free” air or entrained air. If you would like to take advantage of the effects of air entrainment to improve your application blowing and cooling needs, we would like to be your first stop. Please contact any of our qualified Application Engineers for help with your application today!

Eric Kuhnash
Application Engineer
Twitter: Twitter: @EXAIR_EK

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