I had the opportunity this week to help determine the best products to cool a conveyor in dire need of lower temperatures.  Not quite as hot and large as the image above, but similar.  Originally Kirk Edwards provided guidance to the end user and recommended Super Air Knives to bring the conveyor temperature within range.  They worked wonderfully.

Now, there was a second point on the conveyor line which was determined to also need cooling.  After discussing the potential to use a series of Super Air Amplifiers, the end user decided to stick with the Super Air Knife setup known to work well – a decision which I fully supported.

I’ve also had the opportunity to entertain and train our Thai distributor this week.  Neal Raker and I brought Vichai Srimongkolkul of OilPure Technologies up to speed on our new products and have excellent in depth application discussions.

For our international users we offer the same support and technical guidance as an end user in the United States, as well as local support through our network of competent distributors.  If you are one of our many blog readers located outside of the US and need application assistance, never hesitate to send an email or call us directly.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer