As A Matter Of Fact, I DO Know It All…

I just talked to a caller who had questions on our Reversible Drum Vac. Specifically, he wanted to know if it could be used to handle the slurry produced by a concrete saw. Now, I consider myself to be a little more handy than the average bear, and I’ve even used a concrete saw before. But, for the life of me, I couldn’t conjure up a recollection of the consistency of the slurry it produced…was it a thin, soupy silt, or was it a thick, heavy mud? Had I known it would be so important a couple of years down the road, I would have paid closer attention…but there I was, floundering for an answer.  I hate when that happens.

I take solace, though, in the number of times that I am indeed familiar with a particular situation, or at least one that’s similar enough to allow me to draw a good analogy. Chock up another point for the “jack of all trades, master on none,” I suppose. Well, maybe not ALL trades: I submit, for your viewing pleasure, one of my favorite Nike commercials of all time…this dates to about 1990, when a gifted athlete named Bo Jackson was making a name for himself on the baseball diamond as well as the football gridiron (but not, apparently, the hockey ice or the music stage):

I wish I could say that the caller went on to purchase a Reversible Drum Vac, but, based on our discussion, it sounded like we were talking about something closer to thick mud than a watery silt, so I pointed him towards a more suitable product that we, unfortunately, don’t offer.

Bearing in mind my commitment to a positive outlook, I’m pleased that I learned something today, even if it was only what the average consistency of concrete saw slurry is. And who knows, maybe in six months or so…

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