6 Steps to Help Save Gas, And 6 to Save Compressed Air

As I get older I notice myself wondering more and more when the alternative fuel race will actually have a plausible and sustainable solution to petrol.  Last year the prices peaked around here in Cincinnati, OH at more than $4.o0 a gallon. They said the prices would be dropping, well they did but they never went back to a “reasonable” price.   Now gas is hovering just under $4 a gallon and is supposed to hit well over in the coming months.   This is why I personally ride a motorcycle rain or shine.   When I can achieve 49.5-55 miles per gallon then I consider that a serious win.  There are several things you can check to make sure you are getting the most gas mileage out of your vehicle.

Step 1.  The easiest is to ensure you are running the correct tire pressure.  By making sure your tires are not under inflated you reduce the rolling friction of the vehicle to a minimum.

Step 2.  Keep the engine tuned up, make sure the spark plugs are good and the air filter is clean.   Also make sure to use Fuel Injector cleaner every 3,000 miles.

Step 3.  Reduce the weight in your vehicle.  All those tools you carry or all the clothes for charity you have been lugging around.   Drop them off where they need to go.   Also a good excuse to go on a diet.  I know my friends would laugh if I told them I was losing weight to increase my gas mileage.

Step 4. Use cruise control whenever possible.   This keeps the gas pedal a little steadier than your foot.

Step 5.  Use a reputable engine oil.   Do some research and see what people are experiencing.   Maybe switch to a synthetic blend or even a full synthetic.   I did this personally in my wife’s car and not only does the engine run a little smoother the gas mileage actually did increase slightly and stay consistent a little longer between oil changes.

Step 6.  This is the hardest one.   Keep the engine RPMs down by going 55 mph.  The car is going to burn less fuel because the engine is operating at lower RPMs.

These are just a few tricks you can do that will help to increase your mpg and help keep a little more money in the wallet.  Here at EXAIR we also have a six step process to help save you money.  The only trick is instead of on gas it’s on compressed air.  We’ve blogged about it before, and it’s posted on our website.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer
Twitter: @EXAIR_BF