Why You Should Hang on a Velcro Wall

EXAIR is no stranger to the tried and true marketing promotion. We have just extended our Cabinet Cooler promotion through August, 2010. We generally give away a free product with whatever promotion we are running. Our Reversible Drum Vac and Chip Vac promotion typically gives away a free Vac U Gun. The Super Air Knife promotion has given away a free Soft Grip Safety Air Gun. And we have shipped a free Super Air Nozzle to all of our end-user customers for over a year… I know, it’s madness!!

But I recognize the need to step it up a bit, I would like to see some things more like Minor League Baseball and other smaller market sports teams. I think EXAIR could learn a lesson from these teams. EXAIR could use more adventure, excitement and even more madness in our promotions…

I recently attended a Florence Freedom baseball game and saw a great promotion. They found someone out of the crowd to hang on a Velcro wall beyond the outfield for seven innings. All in hopes of catching a home run ball. If you were to catch the home run ball you would get a free Chevy (sorry GM, Chevrolet). Now,  pardon me for being so cynical but it took milliseconds to think that Velcro wall is just inches beyond the farthest ball ever hit in the Frontier League, and the 4′ x 8′ wall is technically placed in the “no man’s land” area beyond right center field. But alas, they found a guy to do it. He hung out there for darn near 2 hours. First with enthusiasm, but as the night wore on he quickly slumped until he was merely a rag doll stuck to a wall. But I am sure he enjoyed the quality family night out as much as I did. I fear the plastic Velcro suit didn’t allow him to catch anything but some stink and a rash.

The West Michigan Whitecaps struck promotion gold from exposure for their summertime menu. The “Fifth Third Burger” is one 8″ bun, five 1/3 pound burgers, five slices american cheese, nearly a cup of chili, 4800 calories and 744 milligrams cholesterol! My only problem is that it is named after a bank. Yes, it does cost $20.00 but should clearly be named after a medicine or life insurance company.

Many years ago the Bowie Baysox ran the Office Space promotion in tribute the classic Mike Judge movie. The employees all wore short sleeve shirts with ties and the fans had an opportunity to beat up some office equipment with a baseball bat. My only problem with this one is that I don’t get it – short sleeve shirts with a tie are not funny, it’s simply practical in hot weather. The next thing they are gonna tell me is to get rid of all my pieces of  flare, my expression is in danger!

Of course I would be remiss not to mention the Orange County Flyers in 2006 for offering the Jose Canseco Juice Box night in recognition of his book “Juiced”, apparently written as a cash grab and to show his pride for being un-naturally strong. But the good part here is this quote from the teams general manager found from ESPN News Services. “”While the use of steroids, and other illegal drugs, is obviously a very serious matter,” Flyers General Manager Ed Hart said in a statement, “we also recognize that there are ways to have fun with a serious situation. We also see this as a great way to educate our fans, especially children, on the negative repercussions of illegal substance abuse of any kind.” And so little Tommy and Jenny here is your juice box and a flyer illustrating liver damage, impotence and ROID RAGE – Brilliant!

So if you can think of some good promotions related to the EXAIR product line, leave on comment on the blog or send me a tweet @EXAIR_KE. We just might be crazy enough to use it!

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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