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When you call EXAIR during operating hours, you don’t hear that pesky recorded message or an automated system.  What do you get? A real person every time you contact us.  This has been something instilled by our founder and is continued today.  I don’t know of many corporations that you can call and always get to talk to a real person.

This was just one of many things a customer mentioned that he couldn’t believe while I was talking to him yesterday.  This gentleman had contacted me for help removing chips on a plastics machining operation.

He was first looking into using our Cold Gun to help cool his cutter in order to help remove the chips from the cutting area, however, the process was all done by hand so applying a Cold Gun would mean making the process more difficult to the operator.  After reviewing pictures and discussing the problem more in depth I recommended an Ion Air Cannon to be placed in the application.  A picture of the chips and their static cling is below.

The problem he was having was a static problem rather than a heat problem.   The plastic chips would buildup along his cutter path and cause the tool to not follow the guide system.  This would result in defective work.   He was not only looking to fix the problem on his current set-up but also on their newly designed method for cutting the same part.  I described to him that another benefit to our Ion Air Cannon is the Power Supply can control more than just one Ion Air Cannon.  This means if he expands his product size not only can his new setup be modular but his blow off and static elimination process can be also.

Then we began to discuss the volume of chips they were producing and how they cling to everything and are a nuisance to cleanup.  I asked if he has any 55 Gallon open top steel drums and he explained he did.  I then showed him the Chip Vac unit and he was amazed.  They had been looking into purchasing and fabricating some type of vacuum system but this fit right in to their needs and had no motors or bearings to worry about.  This means they could now cut good parts and cleanup at the end of the day.   But wait, there’s more.

While reviewing the application photos with the customer he explained to me they were upgrading the process and had been looking into new mechanical clamps to hold the workpiece to the table.  I then explained to him this is a perfect fit for our E-Vac Vacuum Generators.  Not only can he decrease his handling time by not having to install mechanical clamps but he can use them to pick and place the material and also hold the part that is being cut.  All of these processes would all be completed now using compressed air.

He was simply amazed at the number of possibilities we were able to offer to him.   He thought when he was contacting us that we would just sell him what he asked for and move on to the next sale.  This of course was not true.  He learned that not only do we care about our customers but we want them to succeed; and in order to do that, we strive to be your one stop shop.  When you combine our vast product selection, fast shipping, invaluable experience, and exquisite customer service you get a company that not only has the answers but cares about your success too.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer
Twitter: @EXAIR_BF

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