Plastic Extruder Head Cooling

This past week I received a call from a customer using a Crosshead Extrusion machine which he uses for extruding a form of plastic tubing.   The machine is fed with plastic materials which get processed through the cross head.  They have had issues with the cross head staying within operating range during long runs.   The head will begin to overheat which will cause defects in the product.  A video of a similar cross feed extruder is below.

Currently the solution is to place a large fan that moves cool ambient air over the surface of the unit and help to keep the cross head under the maximum operating temperature.  For the most part this does work to a point, but is rather cumbersome and doesn’t work as well as they hoped.  The customer had seen one of our advertisements and decided to go to our website for help.

When he requested a catalog to be sent to him he received a follow-up e-mail from me to confirm he found everything he needed.  This is when he explained his application and asked which product would be the best to help cool his extruder.

After confirming that the ambient air in the room is cooler than the temperature necessary for the cross head at I suggested to use our Super Air Amplifiers.   The Super Air Amplifier will consume a small amount of compressed air and then combine that air with a large volume of ambient air which will help to strip away the heat on the cross head.

The unit I recommended was the 2″ Super Air Amplifier and to use two units if he wants to position one on each side of the head.   Click this link to see how the Super Air Amplifier works along with the consumption and output volumes of the Super Air Amplifiers.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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