Customer Feedback

Being an application engineer for EXAIR is very gratifying. I get to talk with other engineers around the world and from all industries. In helping them with their applications I learn a lot about their industry whether it be medical, mining, transportation, manufacturing as well as others. EXAIR’s engineered compressed air products seemingly have limitless possibilities in most any industry.

I find it exhilarating to take a call from a customer with a problem, talk him through it, and make suggestions for a solution. The disappointing part is that most of the time I do not get to experience the results and understandably so. The customer has solved his problem and is off to the next challenge.

We would like to hear from you so we have put together a  CaseStudyForm which you can quickly fill out and email to us. That would make my engineering experience complete.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

Phone (513) 671-3322
Fax   (513) 671-3363

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