As the year begins we’re beginning to field a large number of calls from people and production facilities wanting to increase efficiency and production, and decrease reject parts and lost revenue. These clients are hopeful and confident, as are we, that the installation of an EXAIR product will be a benefit to their current installations. This time of year in particular is plagued with high static levels due to lower temperatures and arid environments. One benefit of the lower temperature and humidity level is that these contribute to a lower corona onset voltage.

The corona onset voltage is the voltage necessary to achieve ionization of the air surrounding the Ion Bar. This voltage varies directly with temperature and humidity, and indirectly with air pressure. Most of the applications using an Ion Bar or Super Ion Air Knife are not in a pressurized vessel, so the major factors contributing to static and its elimination are temperature and humidity.

For those of you with an EXAIR Static Eliminator already in place, check out the latest video blog from Brian Farno showing how to clean and maintain an Ion Bar for optimal performance. For anyone with questions, feel free to give us a call.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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