And the gold medal goes to…

There has been a lot of buzz around the EXAIR offices about another award we’ve won.  The company Twitter page (@EXAIR) sent out a tweet this morning, announcing EXAIR as the winner of the 2011 Plant Engineering Product of the Year for compressed air.  We’re pleased to add another trophy to the case in our waiting room, but more importantly, we’re pleased to see the appreciation for energy efficiency.

Long before “An Inconvenient Truth”, EXAIR has been aware of the necessity to efficiently use resources and energy.  All of our products, from Air Knives to Air Nozzles to Cabinet Coolers, are engineered to maximize efficient use of compressed air – and energy as a whole.  (See my last blog for a comparison of an EXAIR blow off to an electrically powered blower setup)

Thanks again to everyone at Plant Engineering, and congratulations to EXAIR!

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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