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I recently took a call from a customer who was between a rock and a hard place.   He had been setting up a new machine line in his facility for the past few months and everything was going as planned.   He made sure to place orders for all parts and items needed well ahead of the crunch time and all quoted ship dates were reasonable so he would be able to get the line up and going right on schedule, if not early.  Well, everything went fine except the one piece.

The one piece that hadn’t arrived on its ship date was a 96″ Static Eliminating Air Knife.  The problem was he hadn’t placed his original order with us, instead he went with another company who had promised a 3 week lead time on the item.  At the end of the third week he still had not received the product, and wasn’t able to speak to an actual person at this other company.  After three additional weeks of leaving voicemail with them, he decided to contact EXAIR.  His call was first answered by a real person, not a machine, then he spoke directly to an Application Engineer, me.

When he explained to me his situation  I assured him that we offer a 96″ Super Ion Air Knife,  and all accessories to allow for a speedy installation. He ordered our knife with the Plumbing Kit Installed, which will further cut down on the installation time. I then told him we have a 1 week lead time on this item because it is not a standard stock item (Stock items ship SAME DAY).  I assured him that if we promise a ship date we will ship the item on that date (or earlier)and he will receive a confirmation and tracking information.  Not to mention the fact he will always be able to reach an actual person when he calls.  Additionally, I helped him prepare for the installation by sending over CAD files of the exact product he will be receiving along with the installation and maintenance instructions.   This means he can have everything laid out to simply mount, plumb, and plug in the Super Ion Air Knife that he is going to receive from us.

The customer was astounded at the difference in customer service between two companies.   I saw the 96″ Super Ion Air Knife being packaged and shipped, as promised, one week later.

The best part of this customer interaction is this is not a special case here at EXAIR, every customer receives the same respect, service, and level of commitment from us,  to get you what you need, when you need it, and make sure you have everything you need to succeed.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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