If Bigfoot Called EXAIR I Could Help Him

Yes, this is a repeat blog, but we thought you may want something lighthearted for a Friday – Not that Sasquatch is a lighthearted subject. This is serious stuff…

This image brings a tear to your eye doesn’t it? Yeti hides for a reason – the poor guy.

First let me say; Whether you have a soft spot for Yeti, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, The Abominable Snowman or Skunkape, the anguish and pain expressed on the face above speaks volumes. Clearly we need to improve the treatment of our most revered cryptid.

Now some of you may scoff and think Yeti isn’t real – don’t you remember those guys who had a frozen Bigfoot in their freezer a couple years ago? I can’t believe they actually tried to say it was a hoax. (It’s OK now Big Brother, we can handle a little visit from a SkunkApe every now and then). But if anything says Bigfoot is alive and well it’s this classic footage out of the Northwest – how much more proof do you need.

So it got me to thinking, why exactly is he hiding…And I believe I know the answer – assimilation. He’s scared to join us because he doesn’t quite know our ways. He’s been so busy catching fish with his bare hands, avoiding large predators and foraging for wild berries that he just hasn’t had the time to learn more about how we operate. May I suggest a mentor, a helper, an experienced assistant in our ways. That’s right, I’m stepping up to the plate Bigfoot, if you need help let me know.

For instance, the poor guy can’t golf. I can golf and would be happy to teach him. Just think of the gallery following that round of golf. And he clearly needs to learn to shave, I shave every morning! How about the endorsement opportunities for that one – The official razor of Sasquatch, Blades so sharp Bigfoot uses it (is that Gillette I hear on the phone). I am also fairly polite, I could teach him proper etiquette for visiting the President because you know it will happen.

It’s all very similar to what I do on a daily basis anyway. Just yesterday I spoke with a guy who was not quite familiar with the process of beginning to save his compressed air and lower his energy costs. He had been so busy attending to other problems around his facility that he hadn’t studied up on where to begin saving compressed air. He did seem a bit intimidated and dare I say even a little scared to contact someone for assistance. Fortunately he called EXAIR first and discovered he could get his questions answered, learn about where to begin the process, how to prioritize the steps in saving compressed air and how to implement them. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 – the Six Steps of Optimization.

We began to speak of the importance of benchmarking your starting point. it is necessary to measure your current air consumption in order to quantify the future savings. The Digital Flow Meter is a quick and easy way to read your consumption and start saving. Next, begin to identify and fix your leaks which can provide a significant improvement to your bottom line. Leaks could be wasting 20-30% of your compressed air.

This customer mentioned a couple of specific applications where they have 1/4″ open pipes used to blow bottle caps out of a feeder bowl. The bowl didn’t effectively feed the caps so than were running the open line at full pressure from a few feet away. It is certainly worth his time to move the pipe closer and outfit it with a Super Air Nozzle, this is basically step 3 – use engineered products to lower air consumption. The remaining steps focus on controlled use of your air, storing air in receiver tanks for high demand moments and using pressure regulators at the point of use. All of the six steps can produce additional savings within the system. These additional saving obviously lower your energy cost but also reduce use of the compressor which will extend its useful life and reduce maintenance costs.

I was pleased to hear the customer say he would be calling us again after speaking with more folks at his facility. He was clearly more comfortable than when we first began to speak and we helped him better understand the ways of saving compressed air.

So there you have it, I can be helpful and assist someone with learning a new way of doing things.

Hey Bigfoot – Call me.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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