Real Toys For Engineers!

Optima Exhibition 2

Earlier this week I was in a conversation with our Nicaraguan distributor, Optima Industrial.  We were discussing the results of a recent exhibition, products gaining traction, and the direction in which the market is headed.  During the recent exhibition in Nicaragua, one customer came to the Optima display booth exclaiming “Wow, you have real toys for engineers!”.  I’ve heard that before, and it’s always a pleasure to hear it again.

Fast forward two days to a phone call from an injection mold company, and the theme came up again.  The end user on the other end of the line had an application that needed to be cooled, and the choice was split between a Super Air Knife and a Super Air Amplifier.  In this particular case, the Air Amplifier would have moved a great deal of air, but the complexities of the surface area to be treated meant that a wider, laminar airflow pattern was more beneficial.  So, a series of Super Air Knives on the top and sides of the molded item were chosen.

But, as the conversation carried on, we got into the topic of the Cold Gun.

“How does it work?”

“The Cold Gun uses the same technology as a Vortex Tube.  A compressed air supply travels through the Cold Gun and separates into two distinct air flows.  One hot, and one cold.  We offer the Cold Gun as a turn-key solution for an application needing point-of-use cold air.”

“Amazing.  I’m sure we need one of those around here.  Add one of those to the PO too.”

It’s a great feeling when someone shares excitement for the same things you do.  Usually we share that with our end users.  This week, it was the end users sharing it with us.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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