Visitar A Costa Rica Y Nicaragua

It feels good to be home after visiting with our distributors in Costa Rica (Dansar Industries) and Nicaragua (Optima Industrial) last week. Both companies were more than pleasant, had tremendously knowledgeable inside and outside sales forces, and were well informed about the intricacies of compressed air.  I was also able to meet and spend time with our distributor from El Salvador, ECOBLITZ.

Dansar Industrial Resized

Dansar Industries, Costa Rica

While in Costa Rica, I made visits to a few end users of EXAIR products.  Our distributor, Dansar Industries, had projects going with existing clients to increase production efficiency, lower compressed air use, and lower noise levels.  One application was to cool and dry extruded rubber after quenching through a dip tank.  The process in place was to use approximately 6-8 nozzles operating continuously, regardless of the presence of product.  The compressed air use was unknown, but certainly very high, and the sound level was over 103 dBA.  We installed and tested an EXAIR Super Air Wipe, lowering the compressed air use, and dropping the sound level to 84 dBA.  That’s akin to cutting the sound level in half, then cutting it in half again.  Coupled with an Electronic Flow Controller, the compressed air use was further reduced by consuming compressed air only when product was present.

Optima Industiral Resized

Optima Industrial, Nicaragua

While in Nicaragua, the full engineering team was trained on EXAIR products.  Receptive and enthused, we parted ways with a friendly contest among the engineers to see which could present EXAIR products most effectively.  The winner received dinner for two on the house.  With such commitment and capabilities in Optima, we’re optimistic for the future.

Working with international distributors and end users is a daily pledge for EXAIR.  If you need information about a distributor in your country or are interested in becoming an EXAIR distributor, our door is always open.  We also have a new tool to locate international distributors, here.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

Hasta Luego!


As the users of our products have come to know, we support our product globally.  This means that if an end user (say in the Ukraine) has a technical question, they can contact an EXAIR Application Engineer directly.  And, we also provide support through our strong distribution network.

I’ve blogged before about our efforts to find and keep the best distributors, and I’ll be flying to San Luis Potosi, Mexico on Sunday to keep up with our efforts in that regard.  In addition to our Mexican distributor, Airtec Servicios, I’ll have the pleasure of spending time with our Nicaraguan distributor, Optima Industria, and our Costa Rican distributor, Dansar Industries.

The face-to-face time will help sort application specific questions, such as when it is better to use an Air Amplifier vs. a Vortex Tube; or how the back pressure in an application will affect the performance of a Vortex Tube.

All of our Central American distributors are knowledgeable and familiar with EXAIR product, which leads to in-depth technical discussions.  My favorite!

¡Hasta luego!

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

Real Toys For Engineers!

Optima Exhibition 2

Earlier this week I was in a conversation with our Nicaraguan distributor, Optima Industrial.  We were discussing the results of a recent exhibition, products gaining traction, and the direction in which the market is headed.  During the recent exhibition in Nicaragua, one customer came to the Optima display booth exclaiming “Wow, you have real toys for engineers!”.  I’ve heard that before, and it’s always a pleasure to hear it again.

Fast forward two days to a phone call from an injection mold company, and the theme came up again.  The end user on the other end of the line had an application that needed to be cooled, and the choice was split between a Super Air Knife and a Super Air Amplifier.  In this particular case, the Air Amplifier would have moved a great deal of air, but the complexities of the surface area to be treated meant that a wider, laminar airflow pattern was more beneficial.  So, a series of Super Air Knives on the top and sides of the molded item were chosen.

But, as the conversation carried on, we got into the topic of the Cold Gun.

“How does it work?”

“The Cold Gun uses the same technology as a Vortex Tube.  A compressed air supply travels through the Cold Gun and separates into two distinct air flows.  One hot, and one cold.  We offer the Cold Gun as a turn-key solution for an application needing point-of-use cold air.”

“Amazing.  I’m sure we need one of those around here.  Add one of those to the PO too.”

It’s a great feeling when someone shares excitement for the same things you do.  Usually we share that with our end users.  This week, it was the end users sharing it with us.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer