Mini Chip Vac Reduces Rework, Increases Safety

I recently worked with a customer who was starting to experience material defects due to contamination during their machining process. There were also safety concerns, as the operators were cutting themselves by hand cleaning the shavings out of the bores and wiping the surface of the machines clean. They were considering using another standard electric workshop vacuum but had been reluctant due to their history of motors burning out, so they called EXAIR looking for a suitable compressed air operated vacuum.

Tuff Torq 1
Scrap contaminants on machine surface

I recommended using our Model # 6193-5, Mini Chip Vac System. The Mini Chip Vac uses compressed air to create a powerful vacuum, picking up dry or wet chips and delivering them to a 5 gallon drum (also available in 30, 55 and 110 gallon sizes). There are no moving parts, motors or electricity required to operate the unit, eliminating the customer’s concern for potential shock.

By using the Mini Chip Vac, the customer was able to remove the contaminants from the process, increase safety by eliminating the potential for injury, reduced the amount of defects and reduced downtime. The 5 gallon mini Chip Vac is also capable of being placed in tight spots and does not take up too much space. They were so satisfied with the results, they even made their own stand.

Tuff Torq 2
Cleaned machining area
Tuff Torq 3
Mini Chip Vac System with custom made stand

To discuss how EXAIR can improve your machining process, please contact an Application Engineer.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer

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