Super Air Knife Removes Dust In Furniture Application

One of the biggest disruptions to the home furniture business in the latter half of the 20th century was the introduction of self-assembled units.  Consumers found more attractive prices for items they put together themselves, and manufacturers found a way to expand their markets.

This change, coupled with the advances in CNC machining, has led to a booming industry.  And, EXAIR Super Air Knives provide a solution within this industry that allows the manufacturer of component based furniture to package their items with better quality and at higher production rates.

Cutting and routing machine

The application involved cutting and routing components in the machine above.  The machining is precise, but the manufacturer found that the bottom of the pieces held an undesirable dust, and they needed a way to remove the dust before packaging.

Super Air Knife installed to blow off dust from the bottom of finished pieces

The solution was to install a Super Air Knife onto the machine, below the track rollers used to guide the ejected parts.  When the wood pieces travel over the Super Air Knife, the dust is blown away and they are completely ready for packaging.

Installing the Super Air Knife improved product quality and increased production throughput by removing a wasteful and needless process of hand treating each piece.

If you have a similar application or problem, contact an EXAIR Application Engineer.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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