Post-Harvest Vegetable Washing Application

I remember a conversation I had with Neal Raker a few years ago about post-harvest fruit processing.  We were discussing the merits of a Super Air Knife in such an application, and how far away from the fruit we could realistically mount the Air Knife while still achieving sufficient results.

Ultimately, the answer was dependent on the line speed of the fruit, the shape, and the quantity/depth of the fruit on the conveyor.  Recently, I had an end user with a similar need.  However, instead of drying fruit, this customer needed to dry vegetables.

Vegetable drying
Vegetable rinsing conveyor in need of Super Air Knife

The vegetables are placed at the far end of the conveyor shown above.  They quickly pass through a rinse to remove any dirt or contaminants on the vegetables, and proceed to the close end of the conveyor.  After the vegetables leave the rinsing area, and before they reach the end of the conveyor, they need to be blown off.

This need is what prompted the end user to contact EXAIR.  We discussed the application details and opted for a 42″ 316 Stainless Steel Super Air Knife, installed with a 45 degree angle of attack.  This setup will provide the best possible blow off and water removal for this application, will take up minimal space in the surrounding area, and will provide an OSHA compliant solution

If you have an application in need of an EXAIR product, or would like to discuss your application with an EXAIR Application Engineer, give us a call.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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