EXAIR Back Blow Nozzle Nominated For Plant Engineering’s Product Of The Year

Here at EXAIR we are always working to develop new technology to meet your demands and solve the problems of our customer’s industrial applications.

Back on June 8th, 2015 we released our NEW Back Blow Air Nozzle. The Back Blow Air Nozzle provides a 360° high velocity, airflow that is directed away from the nozzle making it perfect for blowing out the inside diameter of pipe, bores, threads, or other critical internal diameters. The unique design eliminates the safety concern of blowing the particulate out of the end of the tube/pipe or forcing the contaminants further into the pipe, trapping them inside. We offer 2 different sizes, our Model # 1006SS 1/4″ NPT for use with inside pipe diameters ranging from 7/8″ up to 4″ and our Model # 1008SS 1″ NPT for use with I.D. pipes from 2″ up to 16. These nozzles are constructed of 316ss for durability and corrosion resistance.

The Model 1006SS cleans metal shavings from inside a pipe.
The Back Blow Air Nozzle is the perfect choice for cleaning the I.D. of a pipe.

Developing such cutting edge technology, not only helps our customers but in some cases, earns us some much appreciated recognition. This year the Back Blow Air Nozzle has been nominated for Plant Engineering’s Compressed Air Product of the Year for 2015. This award is very meaningful as it is chosen by the reader as a useful new product for solving industrial applications.

If you would like to discuss how the Back Blow Air Nozzle might fit your requirements, give us a call.

To visit the Plant Engineering Product of the Year page, and vote for our nozzle please click HERE.

We sincerely appreciate your vote for our products and will make every effort to exceed your expectations. Thanks for the support!

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer

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