Line Vacs Save Time And Backs

I had the pleasure of working with a customer at a chemical processing plant recently who happened upon our Line Vac Air Operated Conveyors while searching for something to move powdered chemical compounds. They receive these in powdered or granular forms, in 15-20 gallon containers that weigh 180-190 pounds each. These were being lifted and dumped, by hand, into the processing mixer. During a recent safety audit, they noticed a number of employees had missed work due to back injuries & pain. This prompted them to look for an alternative to the manual lifting of the drums.

They found auger conveyors and elaborate vacuum transfer systems, but when they saw our Line Vac Video…

…it was EXACTLY what they had in mind. The quick and easy setup was a big plus too – “Are you sure that’s all it takes?” was asked several times during our original conversation. Once the first Model 150200 2″ Heavy Duty Line Vac was received and set up – in about an hour from opening the box, by the way – they were pleased enough to call me back and tell me I was right (of course I was) and that the Heavy Duty Line Vac actually exceeded their expectations for both ease of setup and simplicity of operation. And, obviously, everyone’s going to be happier, now that the cumbersome, heavy lifting of the drums has been eliminated.

If you’re lifting containers of bulk material, whether your back hurts (yet) or not, give us call. We’ve got something for that.

Russ Bowman
Application Engineer
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