Super Air Knives Are Perfect Solution For Electroplating Application

The products on this rack need to be blown off before heat treating

One of our blog readers was searching through our posts, looking for a suitable solution for a problem in their application.  The application needed a system for blowing water from different components on racks (shown above) used during electroplating.  After blow off, these components go through a heat drying process, and it is critical to have as much of the water removed as possible.

Given the width of the rack and the need for even blow off across the full width, the most suitable solution is a pair of Super Air Knives.  The video above shows the dipping process of the rack and components, and this is where the end user wants to install their blow off.

Our recommendation was to mount one Super Air Knife on either side of the rack, across the width. The airflow aimed downward toward the dip tank at a 45 degree angle was also our recommendation.  This will create a complete blow off for the rack and the parts on it, while redirecting the water back into the tank below.  And, these racks have a right to left measurement of 60″, making our stock length 60″ Super Air Knife an ideal candidate for this application.

The consistency and repeatability of the Super Air  Knife provide a unique solution opportunity for this application.  If you have a similar application or application need, contact an EXAIR Application Engineer, we’ll be happy to help.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer


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